by Maysaloon

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Before me no created things were
Save those eternal
And eternal I abide
Abandon all hope

I'm the sacred, descendant from the skies
I'm the hatred, the truthful sin of lies
A sphere holds thy one, dropped and drowned

Shrouded by unholy flames
Flesh to flesh, in and out
One by one, creatively sliced

Despise the heavens, enlighten the cosmos
Arise the fallen, and form your own creation

Slay and pray, this is the cry of man
This haunted mind, will unveil the seventh sin

Despise the heavens, enlighten the cosmos
Arise the fallen, deform your own salvation

Bleeding our own tears
Weeping, and yet we fail to realize
That killing has it's own price
Upon those who held the Warsphere

The Sphere has fallen, and now we rise
From the ashes of our long-lost sins
The Sphere will tell us, how we spilled our blood
Filling the empty fields with hate and wars


released June 19, 2017



all rights reserved


Maysaloon Damascus, Syria

Maysaloon band was formed in late 2015 by Jake Shuker, after playing a gig in Damascus
The band decided to write their music
Members :
Jake Shuker : Guitar \ Vocals
Yousef Yaziji : Guitar \ Backing Vocals
Dio Al Miqdad : Bass \ Drums Programming
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